STATIC performing a lip sync number to Sade's "No Ordinary Love" At Gay Bash'd Boston, September 4, 2020

STATIC - No Ordinary Love by Sade Lipsync
As a fan of drag and drag performance, I was more than honored to be asked to create this projection design for STATIC, a drag performer in Boston. This piece was my first ever projection design, which proved to be challenging.
STATIC's vision for the performance was strong - they needed a LOT of flies, until the screen was full and my computer was practically smoking. My job was to animate this many flies quickly while still having them be visually appealing. I was lucky to have come across some elegant solutions I may have otherwise not thought of. This piece was animated entirely in After Effects and Adobe Animate.
Below is the full animation which was projected onto STATIC at Gay Bash'd Boston (9/4) and BUSHWIG in New York (9/12)