Sagar Vasishtha's Rapscallions! was a wonderful indie pilot in which I'm so proud to have had a hand in. It follows Jay and Ash Olly (rapper Pink Navel and Grace Sakura respectively) as they attempt to rescue their dad from captivity in High Jinx at the hands of their evil President Toymaker.
I was tasked with storyboarding the whole project and animating the first three minutes. The pilot is available to watch in full on Youtube!
RAPSCALLIONS! - The Official Soundtrack
As a companion piece to the Rapscallions! pilot, Sagar a.k.a. Bumsweat released a full album including songs from the pilot and original songs by the characters. Featured on the album are rappers Pink Navel, Video Dave, Big Bill, and... myself, as Cousin Brando. 
Album art illustrated by me!