After getting some attention on a Kenny Beats fan animation on YouTube, I was approached (via cold email) to help work on a small indie production involving rapping kids saving their rapper dad from the evil president of a music-less dimension harnessing the dad's power to create an army of evil rapping robots to take over the world. Needless to say, I was in immediately. The creator, Sagar Vasishtha, provided me with character designs and a screenplay, and I was tasked with storyboarding the whole episode as well as animating the first 3 minutes in a limited style. To save money and time, the rest of the episode remained as a rough animatic, totaling to 25 minutes of runtime.
I was also able to voice act as Cousin Brando alongside rappers Video Dave and Pink Navel, as well as Grace Rolek (Connie from Steven Universe) and Pranshu Mishra. Full storyboards can be found in my storyboards tab.