The HAT BOY Franchise (2017-2019)
HAT BOY (2017)
HAT BOY was a film I made in my freshman year of college, using a snippet from a song that I made, on my computer device. I wanted to inject a shambling mess of squiggles in the shape of a man into the real world via rotoscoping - it was my attempt at a comedy rap music video. I went on to produce the HAT BOY EP, following the story of Hat Boy meeting Glove Man, subsequently falling in glove, and creating rap songs together, as a couple. 
HAT BOY was featured in the 2nd Weird Local Virtual Film Festival, and shown at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery at the Cambridge Arts Association.

HAT BOY ORIGINS is an (un)official prequel to the HAT BOY film and EP. In which, a boy finds himself teleported into a sleek and monolithic cube, commanded by an unseen entity to dawn the bowler cap and become Hat Boy. HAT BOY ORIGINS came one year after HAT BOY, serving as my character animation final in 2018. 
HAT BOY ORIGINS was featured in the first Weird Local Virtual Film Festival in March 2020.
HAT BOY EP (2019)
The HAT BOY EP was in production the moment I finished the first song, the legend of hat boy, and is the longest I've worked actively on a piece of music. I liked the idea of Hat Boy and Glove Man falling in (g)love and living together in sitcom bliss, after having met while filming their own independent rap music videos, and the Hats 'n' Gloves skit halfway through the tracklist represents Hat Boy's daydream of this. Originally, there were plans to make a Glove Man film much like the first Hat Boy film, utilizing rotoscoping and live action film. After finishing the last song on the EP, falling in glove, I had decided that I had exhausted these characters creatively, and let the EP stand as the final installment in the Hat Boy Franchise. 
I'd like to thank Hat Boy and Glove Man for letting me into their home, and also letting me rap (for the first time!) on their EP.