Frank and Mungo's Worm Son (2020)
Frank and Mungo's Worm Son is my 2020 senior thesis film, made at Lesley Art + Design. These characters were drawn in the winter of 2018, based off of some Snapchat filter selfies I took of my face that made it all wonky. After landing on some final character designs, I couldn't really get these two doofuses (doofi?) out of my head and sketchbook. I drew them looking at a worm, just due to how innocent and childish these guys looked, and the plot just laid itself out for me. Worm Son, for me, was one of the most fulfilling and satisfying films I've ever made, and it really felt like I was flexing my comedic muscles to their fullest, sweatiest, and beefiest extent. Below are some initial sketches of my two favorite boys, and the Worm Son animatic.
This was one of the many iterations of the animatic before I submitted this to the fall juries. Frank and Mungo, both voiced in the final film by Riley Mello and Nick LeBlanc respectively, were voiced early on by me and my brother Richie Oliver as placeholders. All the sound effects at this point were from Freesound.