Buster & TJ Had A Good Time - Episode 1

Buster & TJ
In November 2021, three episodes of Zae Jordan and Javier Williams' animated series Buster & TJ Had A Good Time premiered at Adult Swim Festival during Smallsfest. I did all the character animation and effects animation on these episodes, and I had a good time doing it. It's no secret that Adult Swim was quite literally a dream of mine, and I didn't think I would achieve it this early in my career. I'd also like to include a shoutout to the incredibly small and incredibly talented Buster & TJ team: Jeech (@jeechjeech), Hannah Jackson (@han.nimator), and Zae & Javi (@therealblackcousins).

Below are a handful of stills from the series!

Buster & TJ Had A Good Time - Episode 2